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BREAKING: "Hezbollah is a dangerous terrorist organization, spreading its network all over France"

Following reports that the operations of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia are expanding in France in several ways, a French Senator stressed on Saturday that there are gaps in the mechanisms for dealing with terrorism in Europe.

In a statement to the Al-Arabiya network, he added that Hezbollah is a dangerous terrorist organization, noting that officials have repeatedly warned the government of the danger of terrorism on the part of this militia.

He went on to say that Hezbollah is the only beneficiary of the disintegration of Lebanon, stressing the need for dialogue with the United States because it knows more about the danger of that organization.

Hezbollah activities are expanding

The militia's actions are apparently not limited to the ideas it exports there, but have spread to other and more dangerous areas as well.

The French magazine "Le Point" published a comprehensive investigation into Hezbollah's activities in the country under the headline: "Hezbollah is deploying its network in France."


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Rhoda Wright 14:25 18.12.2021
Remember —-what goes around comes around ! Again & again
Randy Abramovitz 23:42 13.06.2021
Time for all Jews with brains to leave. Spain has gone to the Baath Party. France is next.
Jeff Kessler 20:32 13.06.2021
You antisemites deserve this!
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