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From the Arab Press: Bitar Reportedly Vows Not to Bow to 'Pressures or Threats'

Naharnet Nov. 2: Judge Tarek Bitar, the lead investigative judge probing the Beirut port blast, stressed to the families of the victims on Tuesday that “pressures or threats will not push him to back down,” al-Jadeed TV reported.

“I will not back down from the Beirut port file unless I’m removed through the available legal means,” al-Jadeed quoted Bitar as telling the families during a meeting on Tuesday.

“Bitar told the families of the martyrs that he is continuing the investigation and all its aspects in a simultaneous manner and that the issue of selectivity is baseless, seeing as the probe is summoning anyone who received and looked into a memo related to the port file,” the TV network added.

He also told the families that some of those charged have wrongfully accused him of only tackling one part of the file, emphasizing that this claim is unfounded and that “the probe cannot be revealed because it is confidential.”

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