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Evicting Donald Trump was clearly a catastrophe

One Year into the Biden regime, the truism that dare not speak its name is now almost too obvious to bear stating. It was a catastrophic error to evict Donald Trump. No one, and certainly not I, would try to whitewash the stylistic infelicities of Donald Trump.

He said many things that were toe-curlingly embarrassing coming from the holder of so great an office. But he proved in government as he had in the private sector that he was capable and forceful, and although he had the terrible handicap of personalizing everything and escalating all disagreements, he had a clear conception of domestic and foreign national interests and pursued them very successfully.

And in Afghanistan, inexplicably, President Biden and his entourage determined to leave Afghanistan practically as quickly as aircraft could remove American military personnel, without consultation with NATO allies who had three quarters of the international forces in Afghanistan, without a thought for the many thousands of American civilians in the country, and without any regard for the tens of thousands of Afghans who had worked with the Americans and are in mortal danger with the Taliban in power.

As the operations swiftly degenerated into a cowardly fiasco and the American president was for the first time depicted by the British Parliament as a figure of shame, Biden and his principal colleagues lied to the public, contradicted each other, and magnified America’s monstrous humiliation at the hands of a bunch of primitive and barbarous, flea bitten, terrorists.

There is open discussion of trying to reconstruct the Western alliance without American leadership. Biden’s own partisans are silent as his standing in the eyes of his countrymen crumbles.

Is there any sane person who in the dark and quiet of their bedroom in the dead, vast, and middle of the night would not prefer Trump with his gaucheries to this horrifying immolation of American national credibility and of the unbroken right of the West over 2500 years to be the preeminent influence in the world? Possibly, but they are no longer numerous or outspoken.

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Robert Nieves 03:37 28.02.2022
Israel will always be great the USA is in trouble
Anna Payton 03:11 28.02.2022
We need President Trump back, and GOD in Heaven back, the dumbocrates are trying to take GOD out of the U.S. which is a communist move, Biden and his puppeteers overthrew the government, to destroy US
08:20 13.01.2022
God Is In Control! j b lost soul. God Bless America 🇺🇸 ✝️ God Bless Israel 🇮🇱 God Bless the World 🌎!
18:18 27.11.2021
The same trump haters. All democrats are grown up children that should be aborted. NOW
Abosede Irewale 17:57 27.11.2021
Terrorists would not want President Trump back into the office but God Almighty will do away with them.
12:29 27.11.2021
Trump is a n embarrassment to the USA. Just read how dangerous he really is by reading his niece Mary Trump’s book for the inside story. He doesn’t have the empathy or the intellectual capacity.
David Weller 00:41 30.08.2021
Does anyone believe Biden makes any decisions. They basically wake him up and tell him to read the teleprompter. Then they put him back to bed
Carol Murray 23:08 29.08.2021
It is astonishing to me that anyone believes that America would elect such a man as Joe Biden. He bragged about not needing our votes, but needing our support after being elected. It was all fraud.
kim sparks 22:51 29.08.2021
Yes I agree we need Trump back in the White House!! Democrats do a terrible job! It started with Clinton and got worse from there on. BUT GOD WILL CLEAN THIS MESS UP !!!
sharmla dharamalingam 22:45 29.08.2021
Newraael your headline and corresponding text in this Article are disingenuous and musleading! The Article should have acknowledged Trump on record, PLANNED to evacuate Afghanistan in June 2021!
Jason Davis 21:34 29.08.2021
We need President Donald Trump back in office!!
Jeanne Ferguson 21:24 29.08.2021
All true
Michele Coviello 21:22 29.08.2021
The searing pics today of Biden and his cabinet watching as the bodies of our dead heroes were loaded into trucks, made me ill. If he would have listened to Trump none of those soldiers would be dead.
21:09 29.08.2021
Biden’s greatest mistake is blindly implementing a policy that Trump signed with the Taliban. But thank God it’s not Trump that is implementing it. Who can tell how many people will be killed?
Kim Mckay 21:09 29.08.2021
In the end we are known not by what we say, but by what we do.
Gary Craig 21:02 29.08.2021
Bring back D.J. Trump,The Sooner The Better.Supreme Court get off your bum and bring this Jewdao/Christian Country back to the true Constitution that was written for it by several farsited men and God
20:41 29.08.2021
Hi Stan, 7 months and look at all the damage!! We have no credibility in the world. And “they” claimed the world was laughing at us with Trump. If they were laughing then - they are in hysterics now
Blessed 777 20:34 29.08.2021
Reinstate Donald Trump and see how he turns things around very quickly…
Terry Walley 20:23 29.08.2021
Rebecca the 🌎 looks the same under your Republican leadership corrupted and hatred for beloved Israel
20:22 29.08.2021
News Israel excellent article you just wrote Trump really does care cares about Israel in America wish we had a Mail instead we got Commander and chimp
Edward F 20:22 29.08.2021
I'm a veteran of the vietnam era debacle and have a distaste for politicians trying to plan wars or any event because of there forgetfulness of who they work for and what SERVICE is
Terry Walley 20:20 29.08.2021
It's looking as if Israel has undergone a Trump transformation which means plenty of corruption cases in Israel courts
Sam Hawkins 20:19 29.08.2021
Judith Wilkerson your a moron..probably a liberal
20:14 29.08.2021
Miss your leadership President Trump!! You would never have left people behind!! As the Biden lovers you are deceived!!! How do you know that you are deceived you don’t because you are deceived.
Stan Abraham 20:12 29.08.2021
Sleepy Joe and his Hoe will do nothing but destroy America
20:10 29.08.2021
Many Christian Republicans are praying for a change. We new that when President Trump lost the election that we were in trouble. Evil won the election.Thousands of Americans are praying!
Anna Payton 20:09 29.08.2021
Impeach polosi, and all the illegitimate nutcases, in the Whitehouse, these people steal the election, and then say they are going to be dictators forever. Not if GOD in Heaven has anything to do with
20:09 29.08.2021
Who is the joker that wrote this nonsense? Trump who said he believed Putin Instead of his own intelligence service? Trump who saluted a North Korean general but called Senator John McCain a loser
Rebecca Stump 20:08 29.08.2021
So how does the world look at us now? Biden and his left wing nut jobs are a disgrace and an embarrassment plain and simple. GOD help us all.
Judith Wilkerson 20:06 29.08.2021
Wow! What a biased article. First of all Trump was the one who first met & negotiated w/the Talibans. He set it up that the USA would evacuate in June 2021. Biden allowed for more time 8/31/21. Shalom
Anna Payton 20:06 29.08.2021
Joey is not leading nothing, he has alzimers his own doctor said so, they overthrew our government, he didnt win the election, now this is what we have.
Rebecca Stump 20:06 29.08.2021
So he was crass a bit outspoken but he did great for the USA and other countries, especially you Israel. Other countries found out he didn't bluff. He had it all mapped out to pull out of Afghanistan.
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