Biden's view on Jerusalem is inconsistent with US law

Everybody keeps saying East Jerusalem should be the capital of a state called ‘Palestine,’ that of course includes the Temple Mount. Where does that come from?  It came from people saying it for so long that now it’s become ‘this is what it is.’ But there’s no piece of paper out there that says East Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians.

“The fact that President Biden went to the East Jerusalem hospital without Israelis shows to me that he believes that East Jerusalem, some portion of it or all of it, belongs to the Palestinians. It's inconsistent with US law, with the Jerusalem Recognition Act.

Source - Israel National News - Image - EPA

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Byron Scherer 20:31 23.07.2022
2nd 24 Samuel tells you who holds the deed to the temple mount
John Steedley 12:46 23.07.2022
If you dont pay in blood as I have to pay for you.Whose God is greater?The giving or receiving? Blood is the currency of war,flattery lips for peace. Who can refuse the Lord and his ways.
Randy Abramovitz 12:25 23.07.2022
Joe has Covid.
Suzanne Aladjem 12:08 23.07.2022
Biden will be gone but Jerusalem will always be the capital of Israe ✡️
12:02 23.07.2022
I think Biden is doing a great job! A great job at destroying every damn thing he touches. An old foolish malcontent of a man.
Robert McMaster 11:44 23.07.2022
Biden has not a lot of sense.Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel, even when others have resided there.Israel has always been there for the Jews ,
Edna Messer 10:35 23.07.2022
Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel, now and forever…
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