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VIDEO: Why didn't Palestinians DEMAND a state from Jordan and Egypt pre-67?

One of the strongest questions you can ask someone who supports the Palestinian narrative:!

Why, when from 1948-1967 the Egyptians held the Gaza Strip, and Jordan held the "West Bank" including East Jerusalem - there were no demands by 'Palestinians' for a state, and that only happened after the 6-day war when Israel took these lands back?

Arab-Israeli activist Yoseph Haddad asks a pro-Palestinian exactly that question. Watch what happens!

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Anthony Bowker 08:12 13.03.2023
I like too very much what Rick Kilby says in the comment . He nailed it on the head . Thanks Rick ! 🇮🇱
Anthony Bowker 08:10 13.03.2023
Because they didn’t have a legitimate claim then neither do they now . The land was never there’s from the very start . The Land was given to the Jews by God Himself . Period . 🇮🇱
Jenny Ohayon 00:31 11.03.2023
Why can’t they build up the areas where they live and demonstrate that they’re capable of having a peaceful prosperous society before they try to take over the rest of Israel?
Byron Scherer 18:56 10.03.2023
I have been asking this for the last 20 years.
Syble Presswood 18:06 10.03.2023
I don't think the Arabs want part of Israel,I think they want it all and the jews destroyed! It isn't going to happen !!
[deleted] 16:02 10.03.2023
I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God.
KennyandKim Williams 15:44 10.03.2023
They don't want them
Pebo Bohannon 15:34 10.03.2023
Thank You, Joseph!!! Their constant lying will never top the TRUTH!🇮🇱💪🏼
Pebo Bohannon 15:32 10.03.2023
It's not about the land. It never was. It is Jew hate. POS.
Michael Jacobs 15:12 10.03.2023
Because Palestine DOESN'T EXIST (present tense) - and it never did!
Jeanne Ferguson 15:10 10.03.2023
They only want what Israel has. They hate the Jews just like the Nazis did. May the one true God have mercy on there souls.