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WATCH: Google's Anti-White Artificial Intelligence Model, Gemini, is a Dystopian Hell

In the following 18-minute video, Matt Walsh, the creator of the film “What is a Woman,” showcases Google’s new AI program, called Gemini, and its capability to generate images of historical figures, including Catholic Popes and Vikings, all depicted as black or non-white individuals. Moreover, Gemini notably omits portraying atrocities committed by communist governments.

Throughout the video, Matt presents clips featuring key radicalized figures at Google, articulating their troubling philosophies. These insights leave little doubt as to why this immensely influential software, poised for integration into our devices, yields the specific results it does.

RAIR Foundation/ X Video

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Wayne Granger 01:47 25.02.2024
And we worry about TikTok being spyware.
Steve Jensen 20:02 24.02.2024
Looks like grub Matt Walsh lives in a remote area. It would be a pity if an unknown proxy assassin went to see Matt quietly one night.
[Anonymous] 17:05 24.02.2024
They’re God, having the wisdom & authority to rewrite history rather than learning from it???Teach kids how to discern good vs evil. LOVE THEM❣️ Stop lying & reprogramming them like robots!
Paul Durocher 16:54 24.02.2024
Pete Pala 14:13 24.02.2024
This is the maggot rot of a once strong western culture.
Elena Caddell 12:57 24.02.2024
AND HOW DOES THIS !?? PORTRAIT WOMEN?? I see only one up there??? NO! I didn’t, and won’t watch it. And yes, GOD! is going to have his way and His day . TO LATE!😵
Elena Caddell 12:55 24.02.2024
Well the Nazi IS White .🤨THIS GUY IS A BRAIN MELTED FOOL! THAT! IS NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN ?? OH! And look he’s white ! But hey! WE CAN ALL IDENTIFY, as something else, even if our skin is white 
[Anonymous] 11:49 24.02.2024
GOD WILL HAVE HIS WAY. These people have absolutely no idea who and what they’re messing with🇦🇺🇮🇱🇦🇺🇮🇱
William Beers 11:13 24.02.2024
Racist Google hiding behind DEI (DIE) to justify their racism. Socialist utopian dreams always end in murder.
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