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WATCH: Israelis Make Amazing Discoveries in Judean Desert Excavations

Watch and learn what the archaeologists found during this recent excavation which included some ancient treasures!

In Israel, there isn’t a day that goes by without Israel’s finest archaeologists digging up history and providing more evidence of the Jewish people’s presence in the land since ancient times!

Video source - i24News/Youtube

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Ronald White 18:02 09.01.2023
In a short while God will destroy the United Nations and all that stand against Israel. Jesus will return and set up his kingdom.
Emma Davidson 03:45 09.01.2023
Every inch of Israeli soil is full of history and every discovery makes more certain that Israel belongs to the Israeli people and they are the Chooen Ones.
Bernard Baum 20:33 08.01.2023
Desiree Siefkas 18:34 08.01.2023
Interesting. I love ancient bibliography.
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