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The gas agreement signed by Lebanon does not dispel the doubts

So yesterday a deal was signed with great fanfare to supply gas from Egypt via Jordan and Syria to Lebanon. This agreement is supposed to add four hours of electricity to the Lebanese grid while Syria is supposed to gain 8% of the quantities of gas flowing through the pipeline.
But in all the announcements about the agreement - one essential thing was missing - the date of commencement of execution - and not for nothing. 

The US and the World Bank that will fund the project (about $200 million a year) have not yet given final approval to the agreement (US due to sanctions on Syria and the bank due to demand for reforms in the Lebanese electricity economy).
If the approval does not arrive by September Lebanon will have a serious problem. Iraqi oil is currently the only source that allows Lebanon to generate electricity, but the quantities purchased from it are declining every month with the last shipment to arrive in September. 

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