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Israeli Experts Give Trauma Workshop in Ethiopia

An Israeli medical delegation of emergency medicine specialists traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, last week to share knowledge with local doctors in a series of lectures, simulations, and trauma scenario drills.

Delegates presented 26 local doctors and nurses with a series of lectures, simulations, and trauma scenario drills, using advanced medical equipment.

The delegation included a Magen David Adom paramedic, a nurse, and other emergency medicine specialists from the Galilee, Poriya, and Hillel Yaffe medical centers in northern Israel. The group was part of a team organized by the Israel Health Ministry, the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the UN World Food Program, and the Ethiopian Health Ministry.

“This mission is of vital importance,” said MDA Paramedic Eldar Malka. “There are a large number of trauma victims in Ethiopia, many of them due to shootings and car accidents.”
Malka said it was “a great privilege to be here and to give of our knowledge and experience as MDA teams.”

Earlier this year, a top-level Israeli medical and governmental delegation landed in Ethiopia to see how Israeli hospitals could help local hospitals treat civil war victims.

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