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ICYMI: WATCH: "I wish God had never created women"

I wish God had never created women, we are treated worse than animals.”

A woman in Afghanistan. 

Sharia law is applicable in Afghanistan.

This is to remind you that kids on your local campus are wearing Arab headdress and participating in Muslim prayers.

Will this become the fate of radical women in the West?

VIDEO: Use according to Section 27 A

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Lady Lucy 17:08 11.06.2024
They only treat you the way you allow them to. Take back your power. God gave YOU free will. I suggest you use it and learn to say ‘NO’. Those are not men who are controlling you; they are demons.
Beverly Martin 12:32 11.06.2024
Muslim women are the weakest of the female race. They are just as evil.as their men. Oppressed hahaha bullshit they're oppressed
Geula Kan 12:24 11.06.2024
I have not seen any woman suffering as much as a muslim woman. The words of Muhammad s child wife Aysha.
Elena Caddell 12:12 11.06.2024
Elena Caddell 12:12 11.06.2024
Not unless they choose to. And these stupid fools here in the US think I ran will welcome them would open arms? Let’s give them what they want. Send them there. They’ll be crying mommy in a heart beat
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