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The "Treasury" of the Kings of Judah was unveiled

For years, researchers have been confident that the structure discovered in the Opal Garden excavations is generally a royal bakery. A new study by archaeologists Yitzhak Dvira and Dr. Gabriel Barkai, based on important findings from the filtering of the Temple Mount, reveals that there was one of the two royal treasuries of the Kingdom of Judah.

To secure the doors of warehouses, the handles were tied to a wire, and a bulla - a damp block of clay (clay) was attached to them. With the help of the "seal ring," like the one Joseph had in Egypt, a mark was stamped on the clay block, which would later dry out and become hard. 

Every opening of the wire and the door, caused the seal to break. In this way, vessels were also sealed, such as the jug of oil that everyone remembers from Hanukkah, which was closed and sealed.

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Dennis Bell 00:05 08.01.2022
Too bad the dome isn’t sealed and the pagans aren’t removed from Israel!
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