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RARE BATTLE VIDEO: When Israel’s best units SMOKED 19 Terrorists deep in enemy territory

Watch this video with rare footage of one of the most daring IDF Special Forces missions in this century!

August 2nd, 2006, amidst the ongoing chaos of the Second Lebanon War, over 200 operators from Sayeret Matkal and Shaldag are airlifted into a mission that would etch its mark in Israeli special operations history – Operation Sharp and Smooth.

Source: Agalite - YouTube

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John Naulu 11:32 10.09.2023
The Bible says if Adonai Eloheinu Achad ✝️🕊️ is with us who on earth from North to South or from East to West can go against us. ✝️🕊️💜🇮🇱
Mark Brajnikoff 22:56 09.09.2023
God Bless the heroes of the IDF and keep us all safe. I also support Israel 100%.
Suzie Lew 09:44 09.09.2023
Bless all the IDF 🙏🏽✡️
06:31 09.09.2023
So proud 👍💗🇮🇱
04:53 09.09.2023
Did they find the two kidnapped soldiers?
John Ross 02:38 09.09.2023
No army is as good as the Israeli army amazing amazing army
Barry Levin 02:06 09.09.2023
The left needs to take a step back and prioritise unity before they destroy the greatest place on earth 🇮🇱💪🏼
terrence przybylski 01:37 09.09.2023
God bless the heroes of the IDF, who keep Israel safe. I support Israel 100%.