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Why Did Israel Attack Syria Twice This Week?

Intelligence sources in Arab countries have reported in recent days that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett decided to attack in Syria this week, with the second time meant as a warning to the Hezbollah organization- when one of the organization's leaders in Syria, Imad al-Amin, was killed in the attack.

After the first Israeli attack in Aleppo, a pro-Palestinian organization in southern Lebanon responded by firing at northern Israel.

That night, the IDF responded with artillery fired at the sources of the attack, ending the response.

This minor reaction led Bennett to decide that Israel would attack Homs and carry out the assassination of one of Hezbollah's senior commanders as a warning.

Bennett's advisers feared that if Israel operated in Lebanon, the Hezbollah organization would feel legitimized to open fire on the civilian population of northern Israel, which would lead to a military campaign against Lebanon.

On the other hand, if Israel does not act, Hezbollah will increase its provocations in the north.

Therefore, the option of a response against Hezbollah on foreign soil led Israel to attack the organization's facilities in Homs two days later.

The message was well conveyed to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah as well as to his patrons in Iran and Syria.

Recent events have not ended this saga. 

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