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'Palestine' is the Roman name for the land of the Jews

The recent illegal Arab migration used this name to falsely portray roots in JEWISH land.

"Most scholars believe the Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the provincial administrative name of Judaea to Palestine to erase the Jewish presence in the land."

Image - Joe and Renanah Gemeiner

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[Anonymous] 14:00 11.06.2024
From the great river Euphrates to the river Nile is what scripture says belongs to the Jews. God gave it to Abraham and his descendants “FOREVER”.
MSG USA/Retired 13:39 11.06.2024
The land has always belonged to the Jewish people only a few western nations took it upon themselves to erase history.
Mindy Chotiner 12:21 11.06.2024
These Arabs have been eternal cosine the days of Abraham. So pathetic. Always a lie and a knife in your back. Too bad the Western world doesn’t understand!!
[Anonymous] 11:31 11.06.2024
So Palestine is the Roman name for the land of the Jews. The Arabs migrated used the name Palestine to claim they had roots in the area of Judea.
darrel snider 11:15 11.06.2024
Yes this is the truth.
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