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MESSI Tribute: 4-year-old Israeli Daniel Tergerman, who was killed by Hamas mortar 2014

After Argentina and Lionel Messi winning the World Cup, many memes, both good and terrible, hit social media. This tweet from Israeli YNET journalist Ran Boker get's NEWSRAEL's top award.

Ran Boker:

I don't know why but the first image that came to my mind after Argentina's win is this. 

The boy from Nahal Oz, 4-year-old Daniel Tergerman, who was killed August 21 2014 by an Hamas mortar. 

The picture of him smiling in Messi's uniform broke my heart then, and breaks my heart today. Of blessed memory.

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Jeanne Ferguson 15:18 19.12.2022
Muslim terrorists don't make the news like a bad word from Isreal to the Palestines
James Morrin 11:28 19.12.2022
Why isn’t violence against Israel ‘s in the Evening news in California?
Tuin Boon 08:33 19.12.2022
Daniel’s name is and will be remembered
Chaya Eitan 04:15 19.12.2022
I just tweeted this out with a bunch of hsshtags. Hope it goes viral.
Michael Leit 04:01 19.12.2022
I immediately thought of the same thing! 🫂🖖🏻