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Falafel: What is the Middle East's most iconic food?

Falafel is one of the most iconic foods to come out of the Middle East. Whether in a pita or laffa (Flatbread), with hummus or tahini, this dish is nothing short of emblematic of the region and its culinary traditions. But what exactly are falafels made of? Are they Israeli or Arab? And are they healthy?

Falafels are a Middle Eastern deep-fried ball fritter made of ground chickpeas and beans. 

Often, falafel is also made with other ingredients like garlic, cumin, coriander, and parsley. 

Falafel is typically seen as street food or fast food and is extremely popular, though it is thought that the concept of falafel served in a pita as a street food was first mentioned historically in an October 19, 1939 issue of The Palestine Post, which later became The Jerusalem Post.

Many scholars believe that its origins lay in Egypt, among Coptic Christians in the Roman era.


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Patsy Webb 15:16 07.12.2022
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