Bennet-Lapid Government
Ra'am stopped law allowing GSS to interrogate Israeli Arabs

For many months, the coalition froze, under pressure from RA'AM, a law that should make it possible to interrogate security detainees among Israeli Arabs at the GSS facility in Ofer Prison. 

This coming Tuesday, the bill will come out of the long freeze and will come up for discussion in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in preparation for the second and third readings. 

Source: Zeev Kam - Twitter

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Byron Scherer 18:15 22.05.2022
Israel problems all are from 1thing! Rebellion!Yes from God. Israel until you take all the land he gave you all of messiah who is of lineage of David an named Yeshua your problems will increase widly.
Maurice Shoshan 17:12 22.05.2022
I can’t believe what is happening to this beautiful land and their idiotic governments past and present who never had any vision whatsoever regarding the Islamofascist 5th column within the country
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