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Shipment of defensive gear being flown to Ukraine

A happy picture from Ben-Gurion airport: a shipment of 2,000 helmets and 500 vests, en route to the Ukrainian rescue forces and civilian organizations in the country.

Decision of Defense Minister Benny Gantz when the equipment was purchased by the Ministry of Defense.

Source: Or Heller - Twitter

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Mark Brajnikoff 21:01 01.07.2022
La JUN is spreading Russian propaganda to justify the killing of innocent people, including my Jewish relatives. "They're killing their own people's [sic] not Putin" is pure Russian propaganda.
David Russell 12:43 18.05.2022
La JUN is full of RUSSIAN LIES!...
La Jun 11:05 18.05.2022
What's actually happening in Ukraine will shock the whole world. The corrupt government in Ukraine is responsible for dead of many innocent Ukrainian. They're killing their own people's not Putin