The Biden Iran Deal
EU Foreign Minister: There is a chance to reach a nuclear agreement

After weeks in which negotiations between Iran and the superpowers were stalled, progress towards an agreement has resumed following talks in Tehran, a mediator on behalf of the European Union. 

Yesterday, the head of the Israeli National Security Council said in a closed conference at Tel Aviv University that "Israel is not trying to drag US into war against Iran"

# Biden Iran Deal # European Appeasement
CaptJinx Marine 12:37 14.05.2022
The EU doesn’t want Israel protected. If Iran was threatening the EU they would have a different view.
06:58 14.05.2022
Just look and see what will happen to him Hashem I is not sleeping Biden Will be removed by Hashem amen
06:49 14.05.2022
Biden is a good ass and should be done a way with this man is a a sleeper and should be jailed he is not protecting Israel
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