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Retired Attorney Volunteers for Israel!

Retired US attorney Mark Werner has dedicated the last 18 years to volunteering on IDF bases around Israel and has no plans to stop. 

The son of a Holocaust survivor, Mark believes that Jews have an obligation to strengthen and support Israel. 

He is currently president of Volunteers for Israel and is the author of two books about his experiences volunteering with the IDF.

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Lucy Gill 01:54 31.05.2021
Yes, G-d bless him!
Deanna Vega 21:58 30.05.2021
God Bless him!!❤️🙏✝️🇦🇷
Soniya Christova 21:41 30.05.2021
Amen May be blessed all Israeli defenders! Israel really needs to be defended because all Ungodly Nations fund &help only to antiSemites terror crininals because are wicked enemies of God as them
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