IDF Video - This is what the training of Hezbollah's skimmer unit looks like

Pictures published by the IDF Spokesman in Arabic show the operatives of the terrorist organization trying unsuccessfully to launch a skimmer to gather intelligence. Additional photos of activists who participated in the exercise were also revealed.

The IDF's spokesman in Arabic, Lt. Col. Avichai Adrei, today (Friday) published documentation of the training of Hezbollah's skimmer unit, as recently identified by IDF observations. According to Edrei, the activists' attempt to launch the intelligence gathering skimmer failed.

Last week, (as we reported here in NEWSRAEL) photos of the organization's activists who participated in skimmer operation exercises were also revealed. The photos were accidentally taken by the skimmer and then left on his memory card. When it was shot down by the IDF, the pictures of the activists were discovered and the security system now knows their identities.


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Carolyn Raham 06:57 15.01.2022
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