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The Beautiful Israel Video Show - The Montfort Lake

Today's episode features an aerial view of the Monfort Lake, northwest Israel, by Itai Rotman.

Montfort Lake is located in the heart of a valley in the Galilee, close to the city of Ma'a lot- Tarshiha and is the perfect combination between natural and artificial. 

The lovely lake has wooden bridges passing over it and a peninsula decorated with flora on one of the banks. One can spot a number of ducks who have quite happily made the lake their home. 

It is quite often easy to forget that this beautiful place is man-made. A walking path encircles the lake providing a pleasant walk around the lake. In addition, paddle boats can be rented out. During certain seasons there is also an ice-skating rink on site.

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Kelly Veal 21:04 24.03.2022
Israel is beautiful all areas we been all over the land of Israel we had wonderfull time while we there.