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WATCH: Tucker Carlson on the Trump indictment

There is no coming back from this moment.

Donald Trump is now the first former President of the United States ever to be indicted.

"The jury did this at the urging of a man called Alvin Bragg. He is the district attorney who is so far been famous for by making the city much more dangerous by refusing to enforce crime, like robbery and rape."


Source: Tucker Carlson - Twitter

Does the article interest you?
Cindy Stromerg 22:44 02.04.2023
Go get em' God!
14:28 31.03.2023
President Trump’s enemies believe that they’ve got him, but indictments will be on them! For our God sees the evil in their hearts and they will not escape His Judgement!
Jeane Frady 14:04 31.03.2023
This fool of a DA doesn’t even realize he’s being used. Soros will use him n then get rid of him. Fear of President Trump has mangled lots of minds n common sense. 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸