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A RESOUNDING DEFEAT: Suicide drones and cruise missiles destroyed the Russian S-400 system

On the morning of September 14, 2023, drones and cruise missiles attacked the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense system, which, according to some Western sources, cost up to 1.2 billion dollars. A satellite image confirmed the destruction of the system.

At 10:30 PM (EST) or 7:30 PM (PT), drones reportedly destroyed the S-400 Triumph complex's radars and antennas. Then Neptune anti-ship missiles hit the launch pads.

The satellite image shows the effects of the attack aimed at the air defense system. The photo confirms the defeat of the anti-aircraft missile system, but does not allow a full assessment of the extent of the damage. Officially, Russia has not yet announced the destruction of the S-400 system.

The Russian air defense system S-400 Triumf is considered one of the most advanced systems in the world. According to available data, the domestic price of the system is estimated at about $200 million for the battery and backup missiles in 2012. While the export price is estimated at about $500-625 million for the battery and missiles in 2021. However, costs may vary depending on many factors, including related to training, maintenance and logistical support.

The S-400 Triumf air defense system can detect and deal with 36 targets simultaneously. This means it can track and attack 36 aircraft, drones or missiles at the same time.

The countries that purchased the Russian S-400 Triumf air defense system are:

• China: China was the first international customer to place an order for the S-400 in 2014. In 2018, Russia began delivering the first batch of S-400 missiles to Beijing.

• Turkey: Turkey has confirmed that the purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense system is a "done deal", despite the sanctions imposed by the United States.

• India: India is the largest buyer of Russian weapons, and signed a deal with Moscow to purchase the S-400 system.

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