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Israeli ‘HearO’: Lifesaving App Stops Heart Failure with Voice Analysis

A new Israeli smartphone app analyzes users’ voices and sounds alarms to detect imminent signs of heart failure. HearO is the first app of its kind capable of picking up on changes in speech patterns that diverge from normal, healthy vocal expressions. These irregular speech markers set off alerts that are sent to doctors who can then take necessary measures to mitigate risks or address imminent crises.

'HearO' could be a major game-changer.

The app predicted 82% of relapses in recovered patients before they happened, detecting warning signs on average two and a half weeks before an incident.

The app’s alerts permit doctors to alter medication courses or more closely monitor at-risk patients.

Tamir Tal, CEO of HearO’s parent company Cordio Medical, told Times of Israel this week that the app can “dramatically decrease the number of hospitalizations from congestive heart failure,” and ultimately save lives.

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