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Muhammad Dahlan pays the price of being the "trouble maker"

In recent days, there have been increasing Arab reports that the emirate's rulers have decided to freeze the activities and assets of Muhammad Dahlan, a former Fatah and Palestinian Authority official and in recent years a special adviser to Abu Dhabi's crown prince. 

Dahlan served, according to Arab sources, as the arm of the Emirates for "stirring up trouble" on regional issues and he became hated by the Islamist axis in the region led by Qatar and Turkey.

It is now reported - though these reports need to be taken with caution - that following a "reconciliation meeting" of Sheikh Tahanun, the brother of Shalit Abu Dhabi, with Turkish President Erdogan it was decided to reduce Dahlan’s activities from the UAE. It should be noted that in Turkey, a cash prize of about $2 million has been offered to anyone who brings information that will help capture Dahlan.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Egypt had refused Dahlan's request to move his headquarters from Abu Dhabi to Cairo.

Dahlan who dreams of returning to the Palestinian Authority as its head is in more trouble than even he can take care of.

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