The Iranian Threat
Report: Washington has warned Israel against attacking Iranian facilities

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Monday referred to a report by the American newspaper "The New York Times" which indicated that US officials had warned Israel of the dangers of attacking Iranian nuclear facilities.

Gantz said, according to a reporter from the Arab American television network - Alhurra: "We are conducting situation assessments on the Iranian issue and are in constant contact with the Americans on this issue. The United States is a great friend of Israel over the years, and we will make every effort to find the right way to exchange views and have disagreements whenever it happens."

The New York Times quoted "knowledgeable" sources as saying that officials in Washington had warned Israelis that "repeated attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities may be tactically good, but ultimately unhelpful," but Israeli officials rejected the warning. According to the newspaper, the warning itself could lead to the acceleration of Tehran's nuclear program.

The newspaper reported that Iran was rapidly resuming operations at facilities damaged by the actions that Israel allegedly carried out, and upgraded the centrifuges to allow for faster uranium enrichment.

Officials at the National Security Agency and the U.S. Cyber Headquarters said Tehran has improved its defense against cyber attacks, which means it will be difficult to carry out attacks successfully like those it has experienced in the past.

Iran is expected to resume nuclear talks by the end of the month, but nuclear negotiators are returning this time and are "more pessimistic" than they were last June when the talks were suspended, according to the New York Times.

Ali Bagri, Iran's chief nuclear chief negotiator, does not refer to the upcoming talks as a nuclear deal. "We do not have the so-called nuclear negotiations," he said, referring to them as "negotiations to remove the illegal and inhumane sanctions." 

The newspaper's report indicates that the White House is trying to examine the possibility of reaching a temporary agreement that would allow a freeze on enriched uranium production in Iran, in exchange for easing some sanctions imposed on Tehran.

The newspaper claims that this will not solve the problem, but may give time for negotiations, while preventing Israeli threats to bomb Iranian facilities.

Six rounds of indirect negotiations have already taken place between the US and Iran, with the presence of major international powers, from April to June, while the November 29 session will be the first negotiations under the new Iranian president, Ibrahim Raisi.

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Leslie Benjamini 00:08 24.11.2021
It was a mistake to flag Susan Medrano’s comment abusive. I did not know what the down arrow was for. Please undo.
Leslie Benjamini 00:06 24.11.2021
How long is the world going to dance with the devil?
terrence przybylski 00:05 24.11.2021
Israel has to do what it needs to keep Iran from producing a nuclear weapon. Biden and the liberal socialist democrats can go to hell.
La Jun 23:09 23.11.2021
IT'S BETTER FOR ISRAEL TO DROP A NUCLEAR BOMB ON Tehran than let these Religion of Rapists fools continue with their satanic agenda.
Susan Medrano 22:16 23.11.2021
Talk? Please. STOP all talks, you cannot make a deal w the devil, Simple.
Susan Medrano 22:14 23.11.2021
Is that right. Have they warned Iran to cease w the Jihad?
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