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Biden will agree to a "military option" if nuclear diplomacy with Iran fails

The US government's special representative for Iranian affairs says that US President Joe Biden is ready to agree to the military option as a last resort if diplomacy and sanctions fail to resolve Iran's nuclear issue.

Robert Malley, who at the same time leads the American delegation in the negotiations in Vienna, said in a conversation with the American magazine - "Foreign Policy" on Wednesday: "Iran is only a few weeks away from obtaining the necessary materials to build a nuclear bomb."

He said they were very close to getting enough fissile material to make a bomb: it would take time to convert it into a nuclear bomb, but it would be easier to get the material.

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Tony Pettitt 03:19 02.12.2022
The Iranians will build a nuke weather we make a deal or not. If they make a deal it will be to their advantage they get large amounts of money from America while still advancing their nuclear weapon
Preston Culp 01:40 02.12.2022
Iran cannot be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons. Biden and the demonrats will do NOTHING. Time for Israel 🇮🇱 to destroy Iran’s capability to obtain and process nuclear material.
Bobby Barnett 19:59 01.12.2022
Blow them off of the face of the earth protect your self Israel
Rolf Storz 19:38 01.12.2022
It is time for Israel to swing into action!
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