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The Shawarma from the south hits Tel Aviv

Over the years, Shawarma Toro has become the pride of the south, and has now located itself in the Tel Aviv stronghold - Dizengoff Street.

The southerners among us are surely familiar with Shawarma Toro, an old establishment with two branches, one as mentioned in Kiryat Gat and the other in Netivot.

We stopped, I ordered a plate and ate my heart out. I remembered the meal as an overall positive experience, but since then many more have moved on to bake in the Gush Dan Buach Givataim group and I pretty much forgot about it.

About a month ago, completely randomly, I heard that they also opened a branch on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv! Great!

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Rhoda Wright 16:47 09.08.2022
Never heard of it , but sounds wonderful 🥰👍💞🇮🇱
John Ross 15:34 09.08.2022