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Who was the wanted terrorist eliminated in Nablus?

The IDF spokesman confirms that in an operation in the Kasbah of Nablus this morning, Ibrahim al-Nablusi, who had been wanted for several months, was killed.

This 20-year-old terrorist was a member of a terrorist cell in the Nablus area, three of whose members were killed by the IDF this year. This squad was involved in several shooting attacks. He managed to escape and since then has appeared periodically in public.

A-Nablusi joined the Al-Aqsa Brigades organization, the military arm of Fatah. While a-Nablusi was not a particularly high-ranking, but in the last few months, since he managed to escape assassination, he has become a network star with videos he uploaded from the place of his escape. Today that account is closed.

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Robert McMaster 17:22 09.08.2022
Don't ever let what Hamas did in protest of his death be a deterrent to your mission to eliminate terrorist and to protect your country.Hamas will always look to attack for the reasons of your breathi
17:06 09.08.2022
Wow congratulations to IDF the lord bless Israel and peace on Jerusalem I love you Israel from nigeria