Residents of Be'er Sheva don’t want to be silent anymore after the last murder on city streets.

Residents of the Negev capital are describing a growing fear following the crime wave that culminated in the assassination of the Old City last Friday, and are initiating organizations with the aim of restoring personal security to the streets. The Bedouin neighbors join them in calling for tougher punishment against the criminals, and ask: Do not include against us.

There is a fear of burglary and theft in Be'er Sheva. We live it every day. There is fear in the city," says Erez Bitton, a resident of the city. "My wife is afraid to walk around the street. It is not clear what is happening in the city." Nofar,  city resident, says that "there are women who are afraid to walk around in the streets. It does not make sense for women to be afraid to walk around the city."

Photo: Walla! News

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