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This Day in Israeli History: Day 5 of the Six Day War, The Battle of Tel Faher

The fortified Syrian outpost of Tel Faher was the sight of one of the most intense battles of the Six Day War. The horseshoe-shaped outpost equipped with heavy guns, minefields, and barbed wire commanded a lookout of the Golan Heights, making it a crucial position in the battle for the Golan Heights.

The mission was assigned to the Golani Brigade, which started its attack on June 9, the second-to-last day of the war. Led by Lieutenant-Colonel Moshe 'Musa' Klein, the troops started their ascent and were met with heavy fire. Of the initial 100 plus soldiers, only 25 made it close enough to the outpost to launch the actual attack.

While climbing up the steep slope under heavy fire, the force encountered a barbed-wire fence that halted their advance.

Realizing that wire cutters would've taken too long, David Shirazi jumped on the barbed wire and acted as a human bridge for his friends to step on and safely pass. After everyone passed, Shirazi ran to catch up with the force, firing with a machine gun that he picked up from a fallen soldier, until he was killed by Syrian fire.

For his bravery, Shirazi received the Medal of Valor, Israel's highest military decoration.

After three hours of intense fighting and countless casualties, only four Israeli soldiers remained standing, but victory at Tel Faher was won. In honor of the Golani Brigade's bravery, Tel Faher was renamed Mitzpe Golani (Golani Lookout).

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Lee Hughes 17:45 09.06.2021
May they rest in honored peace
Linda Dyer 16:59 09.06.2021
May their memory be forever honored!
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