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WATCH: Iranian Islamic Scholar: Our struggle with US is bringing about our destruction; Destroying Israel is not our job

Iranian Islamic scholar Shahaboddin Haeri Shirazi said in an interview posted to the Didar News YouTube channel on July 11, 2023 that Iran must reconsider the goals of the revolution, that the 1979 takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was “stupid,” and that the struggle with the U.S. is bringing about Iran’s destruction. 

He said that Iran has turned the greatest economic and military power in the world, which was once a supporter of Iran, into an enemy, and that the there is no difference between the U.S. and countries like Russia, China, Britain, and Germany, with whom Iran has diplomatic relations in order to serve its national interest. 

Haeri Shirazi also questioned how come it is Iran’s job to destroy Israel, and he said that while Israel does transgress against the Palestinians, confronting it should be done by all the Islamic countries. 

Haeri Shirazi added that making this Iran’s number one goal has led the Arab countries to actually seek alliances with Israel.

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