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VIDEO EXPLAINER: Origins of the Word 'Palestine'

We often hear claims that Palestinians are "native" or indigenous to the land of Israel, but does history back this up? 

It's worth taking a look into this issue and to pass it on to others.

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Joe Lanyadoo 09:31 22.08.2023
About 1500 years ago the Muslims captured Israel who was then 100% Jewish and forced the Jews to convert. Voila palatine became Muslim…
Joe Lanyadoo 09:29 22.08.2023
Palestine is from the Hebrew Palash meaning invade. This is because they invaded Israel By the time the romans captured Israel the original Palestinians assimilated Around 1500 years ago the Muslims c
Soniya Christova 18:51 21.08.2023
Britain betrayed truth&God&His Israel after Bafour deklaration&acts on behalf of Iskamic arabs terrorists illegal occupiers of Israrli land homeland
Jacob Walanjatil 14:53 21.08.2023
British are the pain, wherever they occupied. Their policy of divide and rule made mess in many parts of the world.Still people are suffering from it
Michael Jacobs 13:51 21.08.2023
'Promote peace for both peoples'? The members of the PLO and Hamas are not a people!