Report: Hundreds of Syrians fighting in Eastern Ukraine

This news was part of a report released today, Syrian sources which relied on testimonies from families of Syrian fighters, in addition to second-tier Syrian regime officers that are serving in units and battalions from which fighters were transferred.

At least 100 fighters from central and southern Syria were reportedly transferred to the front lines of fighting in eastern Ukraine, after being recruited by Al-Siyad Defense Forces and Russian forces, in exchange for a monthly salary ranging from $1,000 to $1,500, promising to return them to their parent unit in Syria after the end of the mission.

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FRANZISKA SCHMID 11:31 20.05.2022
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Gary Craig 02:50 20.05.2022
Yes it’s like farming out North Korean workers to Russia and china to help pay for the assistance of keeping their economy going Countries with no money barter their people
Jacob Feller 00:06 20.05.2022
They don't know the Syrian terrain or climate. They have no cause to motivate them or boost their morale, while the Ukrainians maintain all those. The Syrians are dead ducks in the water.
Karolina De 23:00 19.05.2022
Henry Lee 22:35 19.05.2022
All for money sake.!
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