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VIDEO: New IDF Commander Warns Enemies: Next War Will Be Decisive

According to Israel’s new commander Maj. Gen. Sa'ar Tzur, of the IDF’s Northern Formation, the enemies of the Jewish State better watch out.
His command will be responsible for incursions into Lebanon and Syria in the event of war.

He emphasized that a combination of tactics including ground maneuvers, firepower strikes and intelligence will be the key to Israel's success.


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11:32 25.11.2021
Israel has weapons that never been used until now. Other Muslim nations think twice before invading.
darrel snider 11:31 25.11.2021
Hashem help the idf destroy their enemies
Lawrence Shockley 11:02 25.11.2021
Michael Sosne 02:10 25.11.2021
The world has not yet come to realize that ISREAL will not loose a war because she cannot afford to. NEVER under estimate the will of the ISREALI PEOPLE NEVER ever . Muslim pigs know this now
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