Islamists in the West
Canada: Muslim population triples in three years, Islam now fastest-growing religion in the country

Canada’s population is 38 million. In 2018, Canada announced plans to “lead the charge” for the UN Migration Pact. And those Canada was welcoming weren’t persecuted Christians. 

Concerned Canadians reached out to try to help a Christian refugee family that had been ordered deported back to jihad-plagued Nigeria. The Trudeau government paid no attention to the many who rallied in the family’s defense, and a year later, it emerged that the family had gone underground to avoid deportation and certain death in Nigeria. 

For Muslims, different immigration rules apply in Canada, what with Trudeau’s welcome mat.

Adherents of Sharia have engaged in genocidal persecution of religious minorities, as well as abuse of women globally. Muslim countries are restrictive, particularly for religious minorities and women, because of Sharia provisions. Despite variations in Sharia rulings, in no Islamic country is the principle of the equality of dignity and rights of all human beings accepted.

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11:33 09.04.2022
Canada 🇨🇦 has never embraced Christ and Christianity. Canada is ruled by Atheist and the people embrace Islam ☪️. Christianity is dead in Canada 🍁 the dead rules Canada.
Laura D 10:45 09.04.2022
Time for Christians to have more children.
Linda Bordy 16:34 18.03.2022
Muslims are predicted to out populate the world by 2024
03:12 10.01.2022
Wow. Why did America news say anything about Canada in America. SMH Thank you Newsrael sharing this news.
darrel snider 16:29 02.12.2021
I say bomb them out of world
Derrick Bishop 13:18 07.11.2021
Not good news for women, LGBT persons, Jews, Christians and any other minority in Canada. This will determine the relationship between Canada and Israel & it will not be positive.
Pamela Hackner 20:31 06.11.2021
It will be another Muslim country, that they have taken over. They think they have the right to take any country they want.
20:26 06.11.2021
Pray for revival Christians . Pray that all Christians who believe in miracles that the Lord will shake them and open their eyes that God is a jealous God.🙏🙏🙏
Linda Jenkins 19:27 06.11.2021
Diane Moore 17:41 06.11.2021
They are going to learn the hard way to what is going on, theses are not good people, the Muslim religion is not good, they follow a false doctrine
Tony Pettitt 16:52 06.11.2021
They’ll be sorry they did that when they start turning on the Canadian people or the infidels
Desiree Van 16:39 06.11.2021
CHURCH-PEOPLE of GOD get ready the catching away of the Bride is VERY soon!!
mauy Thai 16:02 06.11.2021
Just another dictator trying to run a country into the ground. I wonder if him and biden are related?
La Jun 16:01 06.11.2021
It will be declining. The GLORY OF GOD IS COMING! #JOEL2:28
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