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BREAKING - VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu rejects a "plea deal" with the prosecution that would force him to retire from politics

NEWSAREL: After several days in which the Israeli media was in chaos regarding the speculation that Bibi Netanyahu would accept a "plea deal" which would keep him out of jail, but keep him out of politics, Bibi fooled them all and rejected the deal offered him. By offering the deal in the first place, the prosecution realizes the precarious situation it is in as they see the several cases fall like a house of cards. 

In the meantime, the Israeli government is run by three midgets who even if they stand one on one’s shoulders, they do not come to the Netanyahu's chest, and this only when they are propped up by a Muslim Brotherhood party and radical leftists that want to bring us back to the bad days of the Oslo Accords which literally blew up in our faces.

Below is the English text of his video in Hebrew attached:

"Dear and beloved citizens of Israel, in recent days you have proved once again that I am not walking alone, and that millions of you are walking with me. I was greatly moved by you all. I will continue to lead the Likud and the national camp in order to lead the State of Israel - on our shared mission!"

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Cindy Stromberg 16:11 25.01.2022
Netanyahu is Israel's Cyrus!
Dalya Horowitz 07:51 25.01.2022
Israel needs Netayahu now more than ever. The govt is worse than terrible.
Lora Schreckhise 03:29 25.01.2022
God bless Israel!❤❤❤ And every one that is helping Israel!!❤❤❤
John Tucker 03:19 25.01.2022
God Bless you Netanyahu, you are the best to lead Israel, by faith you will win your Case. Remember, don't meditate on what to say. You will be given the right words, at the right time.Amen
C & 03:18 25.01.2022
God is for Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel! God blesses those who bless Israel and those who curse Israel will be cursed! Repent to Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Praying for Netanyahu & Israel🙏❤️
Desiree Siefkas 03:13 25.01.2022
Prayers for Benjamin Netanyahu, wife Sara, Family, and Israel 🇮🇱. BiBi has a superior education and is not easily fooled.
Anna Payton 03:12 25.01.2022
GOD BLESS Netanyahu, you are and were the best leader for Israel, the same for President Trump for the United States of America. I cant wait to see what our Father in Heaven does to all of the evil.
Jael Kalashnikov 03:10 25.01.2022
Good for him! I pray GOD continues to bless Israel and destroys those who would bring harm.
03:09 25.01.2022
@Polly Spires: Ditto Amein
Polly Spires 01:41 25.01.2022
God bless Israel and the one's who love and protect it Amen! and Amen! Shalom
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