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Finally! Biden joins the Abraham Accords!

NEWSRAEL: When Biden entered the White House as president, his administration had only one aim: To destroy anything that President Trump did. This included the truly historic Abraham Accords. Will this change?

For the first time since they were signed: the Biden administration is interested in significantly promoting the Abraham Accords
The issue came up in detail during the visit of US national security adviser Sullivan to Israel. 

One of the reasons for the change in the Americans' approach is that the chances of a nuclear agreement have been reduced to zero. A political source here news: "The US is interested in adding countries to the agreement"

Israel recognizes that, unlike in the past, the Biden administration is interested in promoting the Abraham Accords in a significant way. 

The issue came up in detail at the joint meeting of US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegavi, and Foreign Minister Eli Cohen.

The announcement comes against the backdrop of signals from Saudi Arabia, which continues to show a cautious willingness to normalize with Israel. 

Yesterday, Saudi officials told news here that "If Netanyahu reaches out and shows that he wants peace with the Palestinians, Saudi Arabia will give ten hands."

NEWSRAEL: Let's be frank. Biden desperately needs a "win", and now that Netanyahu has retured as prime minister, has decided to bet on the Abraham Accords. The second reason is that he failed in his intimidation against Saudi Arabia and will now try to regain the Saudi's trust.

Source: Kan News - Telegram

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Tuin Boon 08:09 30.01.2023
Time is coming that everybody will talk about “peace and no (more) danger”. That’s the exact moment to be super alert.
Curtis Chance 13:35 22.01.2023
Revelations 1:5 says; and from Jesus Christ,the faithful witness,the first born from the dead,and the ruler over the kings of the earth.He’s in control,we’re not.
[Anonymous] 04:49 22.01.2023
Every one that is below is correct ✅
Robert McMaster 11:11 21.01.2023
Joe wants to have Abraham accords to go well .That means he's interested in whatever political clout he can gain.Doesnt care about middle east peace.I hope Netanyahu will let him know that his team is
Paul 06:34 21.01.2023
I trust NOTHING that Jo-rach Obiden..Jobama Biden..Corn pop "killa"..the "big guy" says or does. Anyone who does is a FOOL. He is a GODLESS, man with an antichrist spirit. He REAKS of sin.
Lynda Sizemore 04:55 21.01.2023
There is a name for slick Liars like Joe Lieden —— Indian Givers, ( no malice to Our Native Legal Americans! ) IOW, this POTUS giveth and the POTUS taketh away. Wait and see…
[Anonymous] 04:42 21.01.2023
Finally? … that’s why he’s called and referred to as “Sleepy Joe”
[Anonymous] 04:37 21.01.2023
Biden is desperate. He doesn’t really want this, but it could help him with the Saudis.
Chaya Eitan 04:30 21.01.2023
I don't trust either party but at least Biden is now aware of the importance of the Accords
Rhoda Wright 04:25 21.01.2023
Keep an open eye on Biden.. he says one thing & does another! That head of the snake that he is .
Suzanne Aladjem 04:13 21.01.2023
Agree do not trust that snake
[Anonymous] 04:07 21.01.2023
SLEEPYJoe And The DEMONRats Are NOT TO BE TRUSTED IN ANY FORM!!!!!!😡☠️😱👹🤡👺👿🤮👻👽👎
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