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Why did Biden envoy Barbara Leaf meet with Mansour Abbas?

As part of the preparations for President Biden's visit to Israel, US Deputy Secretary of State Barbara Leaf arrived to visit Israel and Ramallah. She met with PA 'president' Abu Mazen in Ramallah. 

However, the most intriguing meeting was held with Ra'am head MK Mansour Abbas in the presence of the US Ambassador to Israel.

The very important question is, why was there a meeting with Mansour Abbas?


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La Jun 15:56 17.06.2022
Obama the man in the basement
Henry Lee 11:04 17.06.2022
She probably wants to know from the horses mouth rather than from a third party. Smart move.
Pamela Hackner 11:03 17.06.2022
Because Biden is in love with Abbas, Hamas and the Arabs . No interest in Israel hebis an anti semit.
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