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VIDEO: Lebanese Journalist Nadim Koteich refuses to label Israel an "enemy"

Rachel Karam: And is {Israel] our enemy?

Nadim Koteich: I am not going to answer this question.

Male interviewer: Of course Israel is the enemy. What are you saying?

Nadim Koteich: No, don’t say “of course.”

Male interviewer: So go ahead…

Nadim Koteich: I don’t want to answer, because the background for this question…

 I Don't Give an 'F-Word' about people accusing me of treason!

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darrel snider 20:31 04.11.2021
You the enemy of Israel with out Jewish people you not have chance to be save by Hashem
Judith Wilkerson 20:08 04.11.2021
Amen not smen
Judith Wilkerson 20:07 04.11.2021
Maybe a sign that some are starting to wake up before Almighty God pours out His Holy Wrath put on them. I truly hope so. Smen? Shalom
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