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WATCH: Caroline Glick tears apart Danish ambassador in panel

The exchange took place at the 2014 Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference. Nine years have passed, yet Caroline's words are still as true and relevant as ever!

The one and only Caroline Glick absolutely destroys condescending Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr who insisted that Israel should be happy that Europe discriminates against the Jewish state.


Does the article interest you?
Isabella Grossman 10:16 12.07.2023
I just love her!!!
Bernard Baum 02:25 12.07.2023
No. More like David Duke and Barak Hussein Obama . Now, conflate this two assholes .
10:31 08.07.2023
Michael Sosne 09:44 08.07.2023
Such a strong JEWISH women and lots of nerve and determination to set things right for the STATE of ISRAEL and put these antisemitic pigs in their place. A HERO for sure
07:55 08.07.2023
The European racist Jewhaters can just drop dead and go to hell.  that is with those hypocrites deserve.
07:01 08.07.2023
Go girl! I had to stand and applaud for that clip! Finally the truth to those bought and paid for 1 world phonies! Now give her and her family a security team!
05:48 08.07.2023
Is Jesper Vahr related to Trudeau and Kamala Harris???