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Blinken stresses two-state solution

Israel’s Prime Minister Yair Lapid and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke on the phone Wednesday in the first public call between a senior White House official and Lapid since he took office last week.

The US diplomat further “emphasized US support for a negotiated two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and noted that “Biden looks forward to celebrating our partnership with Israel during his upcoming visit.”

As reported by i24 News

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Éric 75% 13:53 07.07.2022
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Moshe Moses 10:33 07.07.2022
You are 100% correct Pamela.
Moshe Moses 10:32 07.07.2022
Recent survey of Palestinians 70% said they don't like Abbas, they like Hamas & want G-d bid Hamas to destroy Israel, Biden & Blinkin only want name they both will bring war not peace for Israel.
John Steedley 10:11 07.07.2022
Beat the servant because your angry at the master of the house,sounds like your attacking the wrong person.When the collection of the butterflies and Hornets occur.The elect will look very different.
John Steedley 10:08 07.07.2022
Would you value Jewish people if they delivered Heaven to you Would you take advantage of the numbers game? Is angry about it bc of religion?.Be angry and grieve with the Lord.Not against a servant.
John Steedley 10:07 07.07.2022
Read Scripture on moab and ammon. Many will join the Nation in One party Solution.With many collations.I suspect you will splinter into three goups.The Jews are the care givers.Eventually thminiority.
John Naulu 09:53 07.07.2022
Blinken and Lapid are both traitors to the Nation of Israel and to GOD HIMSELF.
John Naulu 09:50 07.07.2022
Don’t be fooled by this mother f ker . Can’t you see what the devil 👿 is doing. Never give in to this mother… fker . GOD will never allows that to happen. Or ever that is slap in the face.
Moshe Moses 09:42 07.07.2022
Prime Minister Lipid don't give in to Biden and Blinken, remember Gaza withdrawl, Hamas took it over by force from PA then fired thousands of rockets at Southern Israel no peace was achieved
Elias Reuben 09:20 07.07.2022
Sad divided we fall Life without aim is like a ship without a captain peace must come from the heart no other way
Moshe Moses 09:14 07.07.2022
Blinken you fool you want Israel to commit suicide G-d for bid to create delusional two state solution, Hamas will takeover by force the Pally state & start firing rockets at Israel on its door step
La Jun 09:13 07.07.2022
You divide Jerusalem... Middle U.S. will be split by massive Earthquake. Great Betrayal will take place in the near future
Pamela Hackner 09:05 07.07.2022
There was never a country called Arab palestine in history nor was the Land of Israel ever a Arab country. The Arabs were given Jordanthat is where their state should be.
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