Terror Attack
UPDATE: The car attack on Border Guards in Israeli-Arab town of Umm al-Fahm

Police report: At around 08:20, a suspicious vehicle arrived at a Border Police force operating in the area of ​​friction in the city.

When the suspect vehicle spotted the policemen he drove quickly towards them and hit two fighters. As a result of the injury, one Border guard was lightly to moderately injured and sought medical treatment at Hillel Yaffe, another fighter was lightly injured and treated on the spot.

Border guards fired at the vehicle as a result of the shooting. One suspect (resident of Umm al-Fahm) was injured and evacuated to Haemek Hospital and later pronounced dead. Also in the vehicle, another man was lightly injured, received medical treatment on the spot and was arrested for questioning by the Israel Police.

A search of the fighters in the vehicle turned up a gun with a cartridge, bullets and gloves.


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darrel snider 11:38 03.12.2021
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