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VIDEO - Nasrallah: Israelis will soon flee their country

Nasrallah said that Israel is a "temporary entity" and that in a matter of a few years, Israelis will be grabbing their suitcases and fleeing the country. He said that he envisions them with suitcases in hand rushing to get away

Hezbollah Sec.-Gen. Nasrallah: All Of Israel's offshore gas fields are within our range. We will bring fuel from Iran if the Lebanese government asks for it

On July 25, 2022, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah was interviewed on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon). He said that Lebanon will not give up on its right to extract natural gas and oil from its offshore reserves, and he rejected the idea that Lebanon keep the Qana offshore prospect in exchange for Israel keeping the Karish oil field. 

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Grazia Sher 09:44 28.07.2022
Why is that delusional a, perfidious, demented criminal still around? How about it Mossad? IDF? Time for him to go to visit some virgins!
Gwenda Oates 19:36 27.07.2022
Russia will be the loser. God will protect Israel.
19:31 27.07.2022
Lol Soon he will be dead from God’s judgment
19:15 27.07.2022
Gods people will be eternally in the land He gave them!!!! Blessings to the Jewish people now and love to you forevermore
19:13 27.07.2022
Dream on