JUN 14, 2024 JLM 96°F 11:38 AM 04:38 AM EST
ICYMI: IDF BATTLE VIDEO: Division 99 activity in central Gaza Strip

IDF spokesperson: Division 99 continues its activity in the central area of the Gaza Strip; The fighters of the Nahal Brigade completed an operation in the Zeitun area

In the Nahal Brigade's operation in the Zeitun area, the fighters eliminated dozens of terrorists in ground encounters and airstrikes, destroyed terrorist infrastructure and located many weapons - dozens of Kalashnikov rifles, grenades, cartridges and means of intelligence control of the Hamas terrorist organization.

The fighters located a lathe containing many weapons belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas near the "Zeitun" school. In the lathe were found several barrels, Kalashnikovs, many cartridges, chargers and machines to make rockets and launchers.

The battle team of the Nahal Brigade completed their mission in the Zeitun area and are preparing for further offensive operations.

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