The Iranian Threat
VIDEO: Princeton Guest Professor: The Americans are terrified of Iranian retribution for the killing of Soleimani

Princeton University guest professor Hossein Mousavian, former Iranian ambassador to Germany: "A few days after Iran hit Ayn Al-Asad Base, I traveled to America. An American said to me: 'The wife of [former U.S. Special Representative for Iran] Brian Hook could not sleep for a few nights now. 

Her entire body is shaking and she cries all the time. She [keeps] telling Brian: 'You would be killed because you participated in the killing of Hajj Qasem [Soleimani].' This is how their bodies are overcome with trembling."

# The Iranian Threat
Stephen Spurlin 05:23 15.01.2022
I am not afraid of Iran. But I do like watching Iranians tear up and burn the holy book of their fearless leader.
steve patraw 02:09 15.01.2022
Maybe some of the left are afraid. But not the people, most think iran is a a little bully, that must be stepped on.
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