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Report: U.S. Army to install “Iron Fist” active protection systems on m2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles

Israeli-developed systems will help to save American troops lives!

A senior source within the US Army has revealed that the army has secured a budget to equip the Bradley APCs with Iron Fist systems. 

However, the source cautioned that the total procurement would be more in the dozens rather than across the entire fleet

The US Army has closed a deal to install Israeli Elbit's “Iron Fist” active protection systems (APS) on M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. 

According to a report from the Breaking Defense website, Major General Glenn Dean, the service’s Program Executive Officer for Ground Combat Systems, stated that the army has secured a budget allowing the Bradley APCs to be equipped with the “Iron Fist” systems. 

However, he cautioned that the total procurement would be more in the “dozens” than fleet-wide.

The US Army is currently in the planning phase for the installation procedures. It is clear that the newly purchased Bradley APCs, instead of those delivered to Ukraine, will receive the active protection systems as soon as they leave the production line. 

What remains unclear, according to Dean, is whether the systems will be immediately integrated into the vehicles or kept in reserve until a unit deploys.

For years, the army has been seeking an active protection system (APS) for the M1 Abrams main battle tanks, as well as for the Stryker and Bradley armored vehicles. 

Ultimately, two Israeli systems were chosen: Rafael's "Trophy" for the M1A2 Abrams SEPv3 tanks and Elbit Systems' "Iron Fist" for the Bradley APC. While the army began procuring the Trophy systems, a lack of funding initially prevented the purchase of the "Iron Fist" systems.

The website notes that the lessons learned from recent conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza have influenced the decisions of army commanders. In late January, the service posted a pre-solicitation notice seeking qualified sources that could provide Iron Fist to the Army as part of an eight-year deal for its Bradley vehicle upgrade initiative.

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Miriam Bassiouni 10:49 03.04.2024
Israel should withhold selling to USA under biden
[Anonymous] 21:28 02.04.2024
I am not sure Israel should share know-how with US, which behaves like a traitor under Obama-Biden, not like an ally!
Mark Sanders 21:10 02.04.2024
I’m sure the career US Army officers know who their friends are. It’s the Dem politicians that should burn in hell.
Francis Lammawin 21:07 02.04.2024
I tell you, Adonai will bless those who bless Israel, but He will curse those that betray her!!!! Are you using your brain America? You are now captives of evil gangsters called deep state. WakWake up
Francis Lammawin 21:03 02.04.2024
USA, now you are depending on Israel’s amazing technology. Woe on you, you betrayed your best help ally 😡
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