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MK Shikli in a new Facebook post against Knesset members from his party "Yamina" (Bennett's party)

MK Shakili has been against his own party's joining a coalition that they themselves would never have joined. He has fought against huge pressure in order to stay loyal to his core beliefs. His presence the political scene is refreshing and gives hope that we can put this nightmare government behind us in the near future.

Here is the text of hi recent post on Facebook:

"The people of Israel are wise, and they understand very well who the real "runaways" are. Who made a false presentation and deceived his constituents while violating all his promises one by one.

Who cynically exploited bereaved families who rejoiced against cooperating with terrorist supporters - and formed a government with them. Who speculated in the cry of the residents of the Negev and ended up bleaching tens of thousands of illegal structures and paid government protection fees in exchange for the post of prime minister.

Who robbed the voice of tens of thousands of members of the national camp without batting an eyelid to form a post-Zionist government, who wanted too much to lead the people of Israel but would never really get it.

You can go on celebrating and declaring me a "runaway", but deep down, you also know that whoever left without any hint of the original ideology of the right, it is you.

In the end of the truth will win!".

Photo: Reuven Castro 

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