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IDF disperses Gaza border rioters; 5 reported wounded

Israeli forces fired warning shots, used tear gas to push Gazans away from security fence.

i24News reports that Gazan rioters approached the border with Israel on Sunday, gathering in several points along the security fence in the afternoon.

Israeli reports said demonstrators burned tires in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

The Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that several incidents were reported of terrorists attempting to place explosives along the fence. While some Palestinians were wounded, the Israeli military said none were harmed on the Israeli side.

Israeli troops employed tear gas, warning shots in the air, and other crowd dispersal measures to push them back.

This comes after Gazan protests along the border returned in recent months, with several wounded last week. The so-called "return marches" are prompted by Hamas and other terrorist entities in Gaza to protest the ongoing blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt on the Palestinian enclave.

Source - i24News/X - Image - IDF

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